Jimmy Arokia : My fellow Malaysians…..

Jimmy Arokia My fellow Malaysians, the task of rebuilding Malaysia still loom large. When Dr. M insisted that we continue to provide constructive criticisms, we should and must. We should use all the bloggers' forums [...]

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Lim Chee Kiat : AI should know who are his friends.

Ahmad Ghiti PD folks gave him 71 % of the votes cast n that is huge . Even a former MB lost his deposit. Isn't that sufficient evidence there are people in this country who like [...]

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Good over Evil, Right over Wrong, that God is truly great!

As the reality of incarceration begins to dawn upon those once high flyers of the kleptocratic Barisan Nasional regime, a sense of hopelessness, if not doom, begins to descend upon them all. All the bluster [...]

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Dari FB Ahmad Muslim Badawi:

Lebih 2 tahun sebelum PRU 14, Pemimpin PKR , Bersatu tawarkan rundingan dengan PAS.. malah DAP dan Amanah membuat tawaran yg sama.. mereka minta PAS ketepikan perbezaan demi menyelamatkan Malaysia.. tumbangkan Najib.. PAS ketika itu [...]

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Cina vs Melayu

When Lee San Choon, the fourth President of MCA, resigned as President of MCA despite his "political break through" in the  Seremban victory in the April 1982 general elections  against the DAP, was there any [...]

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