Malaysian Insight : “Once the DYMM SPB YDP Agong understood that he had lost the favour of the majority of the Sultans, he had little choice but to resign”.

The Malaysian Insight learnt that of the remaining Seven (7) Malay Rulers, only two – Selangor and Johor – had defended the HM King in the discussions. The other FIVE (5) agreed he should step [...]

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The Agong just resigned. A friend just asked me "what are the actual reasons why he resigned?" My answer? The best reasons...drugs and sex....Rolling Stones pon kalah! [youtube] Another thing that is going to [...]

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Childless Agong is reportedly very much concerned’ about starting a family : Can I Help?

Thursday, Nov 29th 2018  11AM 19°C 2PM 19°C 5-Day Forecast Former Miss Moscow who married Malaysian king has travelled to German clinic as the couple prepare to have children Oksana Voevodina has married Malaysia's Muhammad V of Kelantan in Moscow [...]

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