Mahathir tells us that everybody is equal in the eyes of the law, but Anwar Ibrahim is clearly above the law. 

"I would like to clarify on the point of the pardon. Pardon is normally given to those who have accepted the judgement of the court and then appeal to the King for a pardon. In [...]

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Irrelevant. Clueless. Irresponsible. Overbearing. Arrogant. The object of fear and loathing.

Why is Wan Azizah still Deputy Prime Minister? Is Anwar Ibrahim out of Sungai Buloh? Yes. Has Anwar Ibrahim been granted a pardon to enable him to do what ever it is that he wants [...]

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Anwar, Mahathir and Mr Sultan down South.

PM IN WAITING Contrast, Contradiction, Contentious, Conspiratorial , Constrictive, Contaminant, Confused, Clueless Sneaking for salvation Scrambling for respect Crawling in contempt  Cringing in contemplation Wallowing and whining Sleeping with the enemy Kneeling and kneading in [...]

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Selamat Pagi Malaysia : The Fall and Fall of PKR !

  THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES Until Tun Dr Mahathir came back into politics to lead the opposition against Umno, Anwar Ibrahim, by default, had been the leader of the opposition against a corrupt and [...]

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Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor, Anwar Ibrahim…these are birds of a feather! And Wan Azizah too!

With power Najib Razak indulged in Kleptocracy. Power and wealth consumed Najib and Rosmah. In Umno the winner takes it all. None exemplified this maxim more than Najib and Rosmah. Everything they could take, they [...]

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Before the royals of istana segambut talk about reform agenda for m’sians, can it explain to PKR members what reform agenda it had achieved in the party…

Rafizi Ramli dilantik Naib Presiden PKR Astro Awani |  Disember 28, 2018 20:20 MYT      Rafizi Ramli dilantik Naib Presiden MPP PKR 2018 - 2021. - Foto Astro AWANI/Shahir Omar KUALA LUMPUR: Meski pun tewas dalam [...]

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The Four Musketeers of Segambut Infamy : A bunch Of Idiots that is PH’s misfortune to have!

Anwar Ibrahim said...certain party leaders are greedy, deceptive  and uninterested in party unity. Johari Abdul said...Pakatan Harapan is heading no where. Saifuddin said...there is truth in what Rafizi Ramali said about the decline [...]

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Sharifuddin : On Rafizi, the less said, the better.

Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff We may never know the true reason why Nurul resigned as PKR VP but if Rafizi gets appointed as a VP by Anwar, then, it's a sign of things getting worse ... [...]

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OutSyed The Box Tuesday, December 18, 2018 I say Nurul my friend E _ _ y saw you at lunch today with "the enemy" at Alexis in BSC. Two PKR State Chiefs quit, Pahang PKR [...]

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Rafizi Ramli : Up the Sungai in a sampan without a dayung!

"My biggest fear is that you go back to what you are doing and give all your trust to politician blindly again. Never do that. Never do that. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely"   Ramli [...]

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Rafizi in deep, meaningful and hopefully profitable discussions with Larry Sng’s Father!

Rafizi and friends. Very intimate discussion between Rafizi Ramli and SNG father and son. Maybe on how to celebrate victory tomorrow?Anwar and Wan Azizah will be very pleased. Who knows...maybe a huge donation may come, would [...]

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