cakap cakap : Forest City : Greed and Stupidity – a toxic combination.

[youtube]   What stupidity or madness drove the BN Government and the state government of Johor to allow this monstrosity of a project to be developed in this Southern State? Was all this driven by the [...]

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China in Malaysia.

Inilh layanan yg diberi kpd Pegawai Keselamatan dn Kebajikan Pekerja di Kuantan yg di buat olih pegawai China Kominis semasa lawatan pemeriksaan yg ditugaskn kpd nya. Apa akn jadi apabila mereka dh bertapak kukuh disini? Even [...]

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CHINA moves into Maldives over USD2 billion debts!

Yesterday Guyana. Tomorrow. Maldives. Next Malaysia? Dangerous moves to control a country... Maldives faces Chinese 'land grab' over unpayable debts, ex-leader warns- Nikkei Asian Review COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- Massive debts threaten to force the [...]

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cakap cakap..Kuantan and China.

Pahang, more then any other state, is the beachhead for China's immigrant invasion into Malaysia. Pahang is also where this Idiot has his base.  Jalan Gebeng in Kuantan is now Jalan Qinzhou. The Kuantan Port being built [...]

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