That White Bitch making a living out of our Nation’s wretched troubles….

newcomer, [1 Mar 2019 9:12 pm]: No political arena in the world has been as juicy and cinematic as Malaysia over the past half decade newcomer, [1 Mar 2019 9:22 pm]: rewcastle is no angel [...]

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Clare Rewcastle : “whose motives are the more admirable”..

I received this from Clare this morning:  Hussein,You have often said your memory is not so good, so you seem to forget what I did and did not promise. What I made clear is that [...]

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Clare Rewcastle : A thief, a liar, a fraudster and a conniving journalist without ethics.

Trust no one! I have been a blogger for almost a decade. I have been with the opposition longer. You cannot question where my loyalty lies. You cannot second guess if I will or will [...]

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