cakap cakap : Emilia and guests in the house.

4.45am Saturday 16th Feb 2019.  I have been in and out of sleep these past few hours. Woke up to do two postings. One was the "AFFIDAVIT OF HAMID SULTAN BIN ABU BACKER" and the [...]

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Emilia : Tiba-tiba suami saya telah menarik rambut saya dari bilik TV ke ruang tamu tingkat 1 dan kemudian menaiki tangga ke bilik tidur utama saya….


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Selamat Pagi Malaysia : of PAS, Najib, Emilia and Faisal.

8.08 am. Thursday morning. Late last night I came across these two postings on FB that made me smile....sharing them with you. As I read this I cannot help but smile thinking of PAS and [...]

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cakap cakap : Monday 7.09 am. of my Wife, Faisal and Emilia, Islam overrated, Zina is cool!

  From Saturday evening, my dear wife had not had much sustenance. She seems tired and have been in bed all the time. Sleeping. Resting. We have tried, without much success, to have her take [...]

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