Bossku is blaring, grappling and babbling Of the glaring impotence And the blinking incompetence While the intelligent moo and moan Chewing and chomping on the Grass of contentment in the green Pastures of false peace [...]

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How can he think about being a Biduan when he is about to be a Banduan dalam masa terdekat?

Rosmah where are you! Why did you NOT stop the idiot from making himself into a bigger idiot then the idiot he already is? Singing? Singing and then posting his "work" onto the [...]

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How Najib Regime Transformed Tabung Haji Into A Ponzi “Get-Rich-Quick” Scheme

Congrats UMNO & PAS – How Najib Regime Transformed Tabung Haji Into A Ponzi “Get-Rich-Quick” Scheme Get your popcorn and Coke ready. The party has just begun. If you believe the police’s final estimate of [...]

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Najib Razak, Ladylaw Securities Pty Ltd & Irwan Serigar : Almost the perfect financial storm that had robbed us of hundreds of millions of ringgit.

In the coming days, I will be posting on this blog, Investment Proposals submitted by Ladylaw Securities Pte Ltd to various Statutory Bodies and to the State of Sabah during the tenure of Prime Minister [...]

Hello Najib…

KENAPA AKHIRNYA NAJIB MENGAKU PUNCA RM2.6 BILLION.. DAN KENAPA PINGAT DITARIK.. TERBARU: 'Najib mengaku tidak dapat mengesahkan sumber RM2.6b.. cuma beranggapan ianya dari Saudi' Dan kamu tidak lagi menyebut ianya adalah DERMA dari si polan [...]

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